Ordinary Meeting of the CVA Shareholders


The Shareholder’s meeting of Compagnia Valdostana delle Acque- CVA S.p.A. examined and approved the financial statements for the year 2021. The results show a significant improvement of the Group’s economic and financial standing and confirm its excellent performance in economic, operational and sustainability terms.

Economic results

In 2021, the Group reported a net profit of € 135.2 million, compared to € 61.2 million in 2020. The 2021 results, even if influenced by significant extraordinary items (€ 48.3 million, related to the effects on income taxes of the Law n. 126 of 13/10/2020 on the rules on revaluation and realignment) reflect the operational ability of the company to seize opportunities in a highly volatile and complex market.

thousands of euros  2019 2020 2021
Revenues 805,400 536,182 710,645
EBITDA 152,458 138,933 193,412
EBIT 104,097 87,198 132,069
Group Net Result 75,103 59,977 133,411


The official documentation is available here.



Board of Directors

The Shareholder’s meeting of Compagnia Valdostana delle Acque- CVA S.p.A. appointed, for the for the three-year period that will end with the approval of the 2024 Financial Statements, the Board of Directors. The collective deliberative body confirmed Mr. Marco CANTAMESSA as President, Mr. Giuseppe Argirò as CEO as well Mrs. Marzia GRAND BLANC and Mr. Fabio MARRA as Board Members. In place of Mrs. Monique PERSONNETTAZ, was appointed as fifth member of the Board, Mrs. Valeria CASALI.


Board of Auditors

The Shareholder’s meeting also appointed the Board of Auditors, which will be in charge for the same period of the Board Members. The President is Mr. Gianni ODISIO, the standing Statutory Auditors are Mrs. Federica PAESANI and Mr. Carmelo Marco TERMINE while the substitute Standing Auditors are Mrs. Cristina BETTA and Mr. Massimo SCARRONE.



The Shareholder’s meeting of Compagnia Valdostana delle Acque - CVA S.p.A. takes note of the Non-Financial Declaration 2021, audited by EY. In 2021, the Group defined an integrated strategy with which to combine corporate growth and environmental and social sustainability, aimed at long-term value creation. Through the definition of specific lines of action and qualitative and quantitative objectives that can be measured over time, the 2022-2026 Integrated Plan aims to respond to some of the global challenges defined by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, contains numerous initiatives that incorporate ESG criteria into the industrial strategy and outline the Group’s development guidelines for the near future, which can be traced to three macroareas: Positive Impact, Future Proof and Empowering Communities.

The official documentation is available here.

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